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Video 2 - U.S. General Wesley Clark speaking against the New World Order announcement of President George H. Bush in 1991, which was designed by secretary of defense Dick Cheney and his assistant Paul Wolfowitz  

Below are statements of former senior US government officials and a journalist, which I have used in my book to further strengthen my thesis. That the control of Middle East oil remains as critical for the US today, as it was during and after World War II. And how this control is slipping away from the US government with its wars in the Middle East and in particular, its war in Afghanistan, which I argue is a proxy way between the US and Pakistan. 

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Video 3 - Jane Perlez, a New Times reporter discussing the U.S. war in Afghanistan during her interviewed with Charlie Rose.  July 26, 2010. Currently she is the chief correspondence in China for the New York Times. 

Video 1 - Paul Nitze was key U.S. architect who designed policy to contain the Soviet Union. He advised several U.S. president's from Franklin Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan. The above video was made at a time when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and there was real fear in the U.S. that they may have to go to war against the Soviet Union to protect the Middle East oil