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Wall Street Journal Video                         – Sept 10, 2018

Bloomberg video – April 20, 2015

Robert Kaplan video at CSIS in Washington on China and OBOR (One Belt One Road) – March 9, 2018 

New York Times article of December 19, 2018 on China's and Pakistan's One Belt One Road project

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John Bolton video clip: Bolton became US National Security adviser (NSA) to president Donald J. Trump from April 9, 2018 to September 10, 2019, at which point he was fired by Trump. His remarks on China and Pakistan on Fox News were made on Aug 22, 2017, which was prior to his appointment as NSA. 

       Since 9/11 there has been very little objective media coverage of Pakistan’s alliance with China. Initially it was the scary aspect of Pakistan’s alleged connection to radicals in Afghanistan. However, that seems to be changing now as more mainstream media outlets in the US have begun taking notice of this very important alliance.                                                                                                                           Below is list of developments that cover the China – Pakistan alliance and its effect on India’s policy in the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and in South Asia. It most certainly involves the United States' interest too. So the way I would recommended understanding this is to view it in the order below, which has short video clips and a informative New York Times article.